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Business vision. It improves with experience....

I began my career and acquired a 360º strategic view as a copywriter with
Young & Rubicam, Saatchi & Saatchi and other big ad agencies.

I wrote a series of hot print ads for Whirlpool heat pumps.

And helped create a corporate image campaign for a company that needed a PR makeover.

Sometimes one memorable image can accomplish more than a thousand brand positioning statements. It is how it is seen.

A few years later, I began focusing strictly on corporate communications, specializing in marketing and B2B campaigns for numerous Fortune 500 brands.


I have worked on a long list of product launches, from concept to
staged action.

I've written shows and created major theme-based events for names like BellSouth, Nortel and IBM.

Glaxo SK saw how high-energy song and dance Can Can communicate product feature and benefits.

Through experience and hands on application, I create, manage and produce targeted, focused communication programs of every stripe, and media in every category, from powerful product launches and imaginative live events to evocative video and spectacular stage shows that live on
long after the last lights have faded.

Creative Director for international symposium on Hepatitis C. It
was held in Monaco.

Creative Director on "Hi, It's Me", a modular museum exhibit that
opened at the TechMuseum in San Jose.

Writer, producer, creative director on a multimillion dollar
capital fund raising campaign for the Albany Medical Center.

Take a minute for my sixty second video resume. See how business vision solves real world market challenges. Every image is taken from media produced for actual programs.


View and print a Microsoft Word resume. Mike's Resume