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Creativity. Cut, colored and focused to move the market.

I am a solidly experienced writer, producer and creative director for video, multimedia, film and stage entertainment on B2B, brand expansion, product information and sales programs. Topics range from high-tech launches to corporate histories, brand positioning, market strategies, institutional fund raising. And beer!

Beck's Beer, IBM, BellSouth, Seiko Inc., AT&T, Schering-Plough, Discover Card, Pratt & Whitney, GSK Pharmaceuticals

Videos and market-driven presentations for America's Number 1 imported German beer.

Creative director on the Seiko Annual sales meeting. We helped put a new face on a great brand name.

Writer and on-site creative director for some of the largest traveling shows that Big Blue ever undertook, with audiences of up to 4,000 in venues all across the globe.

Creative director for "Hi it's me!" a modular, interactive museum installation spotlighting new digital technologies. Families loved it, and so did AT&T.